Shoot LE Bag v.01

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Only 100 made

"Style, function, and comfort all in one bag whether you're a photographer, creative, or want something for everyday use"

This bag can hold up to:
-1 Dslr body
-4 Dslr lenses
-Extra Dslr batteries
-Dslr flash
-Camera cables
-Memory Cards
-13" Laptop (back compartment/hidden zipper)
*Yes 15" will also fit but may stick out about a half inch. Does not affect fit of the bag
-Additional accessories in front pockets (iPad or tablet)

-Vegan Suede (because animals are our friends)
-Lock w/ 2 keys
-Silver SHOOT engraved zippers
-SHOOT strap black on black webbing
-Removable velcro dividers can be customized to fit as needed
-Large front zip pouch (can hold iPad or tablet)
-Velcro pockets on each side
-4 additional clear pockets inside
-Easy adjustable straps
-Breathable mesh cushioning on back & straps
-Laptop compartment
-Made with love

*Designed & tested by photographers
**Limited Edition 1/100